When it comes to love, wedding or maternity photography, I strive to keep things as easy as possible. I want to give you everything you need in order for you to hold onto your memories for generations. Every wants and needs are different for every couple. Therefore, I offer a set of packages that may turn out to be exactly what you are looking for. Each is customized to include what I found to be the most requested wishes and price points. If there’s any personal request I am always willing to include personal wishes.

I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have other questions than the ones mentioned below, email me at info@maritdelavera.com.

Since I was 18 years old I started to have paid photography jobs as an income. From the age of 16 I’ve been practicing photography almost every day until today the day. All the manual settings I can dream with my eyes closed and I am in complete ease with all the technology. At the age of 18 I focused mainly on events and advertising photography (in Amsterdam) and a few of my clients include: Mini Cooper, O’Neill, Jameson Whiskey, Amsterdam Film Week, Colgate, Amsterdam Fashion Week, Spotify, and the list goes on.. I also used to work as studio photographer and I studied photography for a year in photography academy.

I’ve been practicing Photoshop since the age of 11, making digital art and retouching for ‘fun’.

I’m happy to schedule up for a Skype/Facebook video call with you whenever you are available. Or of course, meet with you in person. This will be just to know more about each other, without any obligations.

Facebook page: facebook.com/MaritdelaVera.photography

Yes I do. I love to travel. I love unique and magical destinations!

Yes, I offer love shoots, Pre Wedding Shoots and Trash the dress shoots. Capturing love and going with you to amazing locations is what I am most passionate about.

Yes, of course! I understand that you might not have experience in posing in front of a professional camera, but it’s my pleasure to help you on that! I will be making you feel very comfortable and relaxed and our experience will be a lot of fun! I will take the time and there will be no rush, resulting in you looking very natural and spontaneous in the photos.

Pre Wedding Sessions are a great and easy going way to practice being on photos and working with me. So on your wedding day it will be a piece of cake!

I am a professional photographer and therefor want to give my full focus and energy on high quality service of photography. To get the absolute best outcome for you I cannot be practicing 2 art forms at the same time so no I do not offer video services.

Yes, of course! Often a wedding is the only time where all family members will be in the same place at the same time. I think it will be of great importance to document that.

Yes, that’s certainly possible! One of my packages include capturing your day from the very beginning until the very end. Additional coverage on a different package is also always a possibility.

Yes, love is love and there is nothing more beautiful for me than capturing love! No matter colour, orientation or believes, it would be my pleasure to photograph your celebration of love.

I do prefer so. Taking a break during the day will renew my energy levels and provide me of good energy to work on a high level of concentration during the following hours.

I’ll deliver between 300-900 carefully selected and edited photos in high resolution.

Every delivered image is ‘edited’ in my signature style, with the same care and attention you see throughout my website.

The number of photos taken depends on a lot of aspects: duration of the event, number of guests, the weather and the light, the location, whether or not there is a party included and many more circumstances.

I will make a selection based on what I consider to be the ‘photographically’ best photos. Also I will outtake the photos where people don’t look so charming or have their eyes closed. Or photos that are duplicates, and basically anywhere where the light or composition just doesn’t work.

The photos in your selection will include your requested wishes and events. The other photos will not be used.

The small-sized social media photos will be marked with a watermark in a tasteful and subtle way. The high resolution files, for print and your personal purposes will not bear any watermarks.

Within 90 days after the event you’ll get the images send digitally through wetransfer.com and on a USB-giftbox.

I do editing in Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. I edit for a special colour effect suited exclusively for you as a couple. Also I ‘Photoshop’ for extra light effects and bokeh to give your photos a magical touch.

I am also willing to “Photoshop” spots in the face, stains on the clothes, smoothen wrinkles or other requests.

I am focused on the digital delivery of the images. A photo album is optional.

High quality product and experience – You’re paying for the years of study and experience to distinguish an amateur from a professional. Remember you are getting an absolute high quality result that you will preserve the rest of your life (and the generations after).

Time – You’re paying for a lot of labor hours other than the day and editing hours itself: keep in mind the administration, preparation, consultation, travelling, post and preprocess.

Excellent equipment – Also keep in mind that all the gear being used by a professional easily sums up to a couple of (ten) thousands of euros, and this gear will be used to give you the best result possible, making your pictures stand out of the cell phone pictures that your uncle took.

The sooner the better! My calendar fills up extremely quickly and I can only do a couple of weddings per season to keep the quality of my work for you extremely high. Please e-mail me to check for availability!

My packages have been thoughtfully curated and priced according to its value, so the main answer is ‘no’. However if you have a very unique location in mind which will be completely new or interesting to my photography portfolio I will give you a discount of 10%. Also if you introduce me to new clients, which will book me as their wedding photographer I will also give you a discount of 10%.

There will be no unexpected or extra costs. What you see is what you get. I’ve got ‘a la carte’ prices and packages. When you choose a package, that is what you pay. The only extra costs will be if you decide to choose for an upgrade. All the prices will be discussed and agreed upon up front and there will be no unexpected surprises afterwards.

Payment must be done up front and can be done in 1, 2, 3 or 4 partial payments. This includes the deposit fee, for me to hold your date safe.

The deposit fee is non-refundable. The deposit guarantees that I’ll hold the date exclusively for you and once you’ve signed the contract I do turn down all other commissions for your date.