“Elegantly composed images full of beauty, love, light and genuine moments of connection”


You have met the love of your life, this is it! Dreams of a lifetime together are made, the journey has begun.

On a perfect day, where love, joy and beauty will be present in all it’s forms, choose Marit de la Vera Photography to portray and capture the energy, the moments, the love to make them last a lifetime!


For true love is worth celebrating!

Do you want a loveshoot with your loved one? It doesn’t matter if you are together for a while, or if you are a freshly new couple. This photoshoot will be just about the two of you. During the shoot I help out when it comes to ideas and poses, but I also give you the space to let you be who you are.


The beauty of life is portrayed in the beauty of the mother, the bringer of life itself. Aiming to capture the love between a mother and her unborn child, to see the awe in a soon to be father’s eyes… to frame the moments when siblings respond to the unseen but heartfelt presence of their baby brother or sister- maternity photography for every family to be.


I also photograph other areas of photography, curious to see more?

Check out this page.

“I capture the authentic and beautiful moments that tell YOUR unique story”

Meet the photographer: Marit

Hi, How lovely you come by! I am Marit!

A love & wedding photographer who’s passionate to capture love stories in a light and dreamy way.

Photography is in my blood and with every couple that I work with, I feel over the moon! It’s an honour for me that I can capture the most special & valuable moments of your life!

“With her heart in Portugal and her roots in the Netherlands, her Love in Germany and her passion for nature in Croatia. She is a dreamer, a perfectionist, an artist. Marit has the talent to blend easily, she is not just a photographer, she is part of your day for this perfect moment in your life.” 

If you are curious what I can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact me:


Sweet words


Marit has a lovely and honest personality. It feels very natural to hang out with Marit which made us feel comfortable. Apart from being a great photographer, she is enthousiast and very well knowledged. Thank you Marit!”


“Marit was an absolute pleasure to work with. She made my husband and I felt at ease (we’ve never done a photo shoot before) and she takes beautiful photos which was a a great moment of our 20th year wedding anniversary. We felt that we were doing a photo shoot with one of our friends instead of a person we’ve just met. Thank you again Marit and hopefully we get to cross paths again in the future!”


Absolutely incredible experience! Marit is very talented and professional. She did a fantastic job choosing a unique spots to take photos, and helping us feel comfortable in front of the camera. She went above and beyond! Highly recommend!”

“With her creative, natural talent for capturing light, love, and personalities, capturing magical moments in every frame, she is by far one of the best Wedding Photographers you can book for your perfect day!”

Why choose Marit?

Three things will remain from your wedding day:
Your love, your rings and your favourite photos.
Take your time to choose the perfect photographer for your wedding.

Yet, if you are looking for positive and genuine wedding photography, then you’re at the right place with me!
I can’t wait to capture your lovestory!

 “My style of photography can be described as light,
romantic and magical”

“A master in working with natural light”
To ensure the amazing tones. The soft glow on the skin. The natural feel it gives. I use mostly soft daylight.
In case it’s really necessary I use the studio lights and flashes.

Post Photographic work

Love needs no editing, it is perfect in all its forms. Editing and retouching your photographs is an amazing way of adding the ‘awe’ in awesome. I use Lightroom and Photoshop to remove spots and stains and to add the perfect colour effect to your photos.

Free brochure

Wedding plans?

Congratulations! You are getting married! The moment your paths crossed, a new
story was written, and by saying ‘yes’ to each other, you added a special chapter to your book. As a photographer I think it is important that you like my work, but also that there is a match. This wedding brochure is to get to know me, my work, but it also contains tips, a free surprise and information about the options and prices. Enjoy!



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